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Ghost said: Anyone using these saddlebags and what are your thoughts. I’m looking at some of these for my DH. Thanks. I have them on my Vintage. They are outstanding!

49Indian said:
As I have never had leather bags on a bike, a question of ignorance -> What makes a leather saddle bag outstanding in your book? Are we talking leather quality? Keeping water out?

Both. Leather quality is, as good or better, that OEM. Mounting hardware is far better than OEM, as long as your ok with taking 5 min. to remove the bags, as opposed to quick release.

I was caught in a number of hard rain storms this summer with these bags and not a drop of water got inside the bags. Are they water proof? No, but darn near. Osprey will also make your bags any way that you want, as far as the lid design, chrome spots, conchos, etc.

Overall, very happy with the Osprey bags. I bought these last fall after having to redye my distressed tan leather bags the second time. I wanted something that would hold up better in the elements than the ’14 leather. I really like the two-tone look I have now so much, that I haven’t put the ’14 leather back on.

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PA Harley

Anyone have experience with Osprey Road Hog bags? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.


Great stuff… got mine nearly a year ago, and they are perfect. Great quality, great pricing, great service.


I have the Osprey Bags and am very happy with them, great service and quality.

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Dave (owner) at Osprey taakes your order personally and was sure easy to work with. And fast. A LOT cheaper than Indian Bags. Lined with plastic for holding shape and has several metal braces. Very light. Great thick leather. Quick releases hidden. He has a bunch of styles/features. You pick your custom features like jewels, spots, piping, conchos, etc… His mounting system is included in the price and is similar to Indian’s but he feels his will last longer. Very easy to mount. Just measure where you want them and drill 2 holes in the back. Everything else goes on in 10 minutes. Osprey Limited Handcrafted Saddlebags Leather Products

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Topic: Osprey Limited Finely Crafted Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags


Awesome bags.  Just ordered mine sort of like yours last week. 

I first bought bags from them in 2003.  Sold them with old bike in 2014.  Still looked brand new.


Here are pics of my Ospery bags David made for me. Still after over 1 1/2 years with NO maint. they look new
April 2013

Fire Chieftain

Those are some great looking bags and the color is real nice.
Great looking bikes too!!!


Those are great looking bags. Nearly half the price of the Indian ones too…


Thanks guys.
If the leather is top quality, there should be little (in my case no) maint. to do on them. Yep Indian is taking the easy way out for sure.