Indian Motorcycle saddlebags for the Indian Chief are held in place by a plastic compression washer and an interior push handle secured by a metal pin. At times this pin has been known to fall out. Also the compression washers have been known to deteriorate. In addition sometimes the rider thinks he or she has secured the bag when, in fact it is not secured. When one of these things occur the saddlebag can fall off and ruin the bag. Osprey’s Security Spools prevent this from happening. 

  1. Chief Spools 27.5mm for leather bags 2014-2018
  2. Chief Spools 27.5 for Hard Bags 2014-2018
  3. Chieftain, Springfield, Roadmaster Spools 32mm
  4. Chieftain, Springfield, Roadmaster 35mm

Note : Indian Motorcycle company used 32mm and 35mm in different years. Please measure before ordering or call or email for more information. All are $100 set with free domestic shipping for all sets.


  1. Unscrew the stock Indian spools
  2. Screw in the  Osprey spools
  3. Slip the saddlebags onto the Osprey spools making sure the rear metal lips go over and onto the spools
  4. Secure the saddlebag onto the spools with the washer against the saddlebag’s back and tighten in the tamperproof bolt using the provided allen key         

Please note that this system is only for the Chief models from 2014-2018 only. We do have security spools for the Chieftain and Roadmaster but  call or email for more information. This system has a larger diameter spool but Indian made these spools with two different diameters and it is important to supply the correct system.


Osprey Limited Security Spools


Osprey Limited Spools washers allen keys


Osprey Limited Security Spools side view
Osprey Limited Security Spools rear view


When ordering the security spools please  specify if using for leather bags or hardbags.

They need different length bolts.